Tomasz Konecki
Director Of Photography:
Tomasz Madejski

Their Lucky Stars is a story of love that was born under unexpected circumstances. Symphonic orchestra musician Robert raising a ten-year-old son unexpectedly meets the full of energy and charm fitness star Marta. Two different characters, two different points of view. Her world is a big city, exotic travels and sports. Marta has her TV programs, cookery books and her face is on the covers of the most popular magazines. Robert is a contrary of the “sporting lifestyle.” His world is peaceful haven, parental challenges, a basket full of laundry and his son’s math tests — all this works until Marta appears in his life…An adventurous star and a man intimidated by her charm. Why did fate connect them? Will they manage to find THEIR LUCKY STARS together?


New Wave Film contributed with:

- camera tests
- back up
- dailies
- media management
- conforming
- color grading
- finishing
- mastering/deliveries
- archiving LTO




Direktor: Tomasz Konecki
Director of photography: Michał Grabowski
Editor: Jarosław Barzan
Colorist: Aleksandra Kraus
DI Supervisor: Mateusz Budnik