Magdalena Nieć, Mariusz Palej
Director Of Photography:
Wojciech Węgrzyn

The story of eight-year-old Oscar, a big fan of the series "Detective Bruno". The boy lives in the family orphanage and on his birthday he finds an envelope with a clue leading to the last gift hidden by his parents. He decides to hire the best detective he knows to help him solve the mystery. However, the series Bruno is actually Bruno Ksieski - a burnout, cynical actor who dislikes children, experiencing a great image crisis. 


New Wave Film contributed with:


- camera tests

- back up

- dailies

- media management

- conforming

- color grading

- finishing

- mastering/deliveries

- archiving LTO





Director: Magdalena Nieć, Mariusz Palej

Director of photography: Wojciech Węgrzyn

Editor: Jakub Motylewski

Colorist: Monika Jakutowicz

DI Supervisor: Mateusz Budnik