Liliana Komorowska, Diana Skaya
Director Of Photography:
Jan Belina Brzozowski

The short docu-drama To My Father is a reconstruction of the tragic story of Adam Bandrowski, a man living in the Polish borderlands, seen through the eyes of his three-year-old daughter, Alina. Settled in the memory of the child are poetic images of her family's life, which are suddenly interrupted with scenes of the arrest, interrogation, and execution of her father during Stalin's 'Great Terror'.

New Wave Film contributed with:

- conforming
- color grading
- finishing
- mastering/deliveries


Production: QueenArt Films, Di Sky Productions
Director: Liliana Komorowska, Diana Skaya
Director of photography: Jan Belina Brzozowski
Editor: Arthur Tarnowski
Colorist: Monika Jakutowicz
​DI Supervisor: Mateusz Budnik